Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th, Michelle and Some Feesh

After awhile michelle decided she needed to get out of the house for some sort of excercise, naturally i suggested we go fishing, or in this case i fish and she watch since she has a bum casting shoulder. it was a beautiful day but unfortunately michelle spent most of the day watching me miss a butt load of hungry fish. between me and the fish we just could'nt get on the same page. they wanted my streamer and i wanted them to get my streamer. i did catch a few though. we did have a land owner cruise over to us on his quad and he was a quite pleasant old man and we chatted it up for about 20-25 minutes. he said he liked seeing people utilizing the river and enjoying it. he did make a comment about all the trash he finds on his property. anyway he wished us well and was on his way as were we. real nice day with michelle.


Cutthroat Stalker said...

Looking good! Hey, the camera dry out OK, or you shooting with another?

-scott c

mike doughty said...

the camera and the phone dried out just fine scott