Thursday, December 31, 2009

Caddis Nymph

I saw a couple of patterns similar to these and combined the 2. i haven't fished them yet but to me they sure look good.

Underbody-dark green caddis dubbing

Body-d-rib or similar wrapped up the shank with a strand of olive ostrich herl wrapped in between each d-rib wrap.

Collar-1 long webby olive cdc feather tied in by the tip

Head-2 strands of black ostrich herl

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Golden Stone

Tail - Yellow Goose Biots

Body - Golden Shiner Simi Seal

Rib - Small Yellow Jelly Rope

Thorax - Same as Body

Shellback - Turkey

Legs - Yellow Goose Biots

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

X-Mas Break Day 3 - The ????

Day 3 of my x-mas break came and went with some nice browns to hand. i headed east to this section since i hadn't fished it in over a year and it has some really nice browns in it. the last 2 days were filled with smaller fish and i was anxious at a shot at some 20" fish. unfortunately i didn't catch and 20+ inch fish but did manage some really nice browns none the less. the browns were strong and did not disappoint with the arial displays. generally when i fish here the flows are considerably lower, around 70-80cfs, causing the fish to stack up but today at 148cfs the fish were definately more spread out and a bit harder to locate. i think 100cfs or so would be perfect. the 1st hour of the day was ideal conditions, warm, no wind and peaceful. after that the wind really got howling and made for some cold and uncomfortable conditions and once i got cold i couldn't quite get the chill out of my bones. the only flies that produced today were a small rainbow sow and a jerry's baetis. it would have been nice to have been able to spend more time on the river since i drove 6 hours to fish 4, but the healthy fish made the trip worth while.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

X-mas Break Day 2 - BSF

Another day another bail. jerry and i were supposed to head east and check out some waters but when i woke up i had a text saying he had to bail to have lunch with his girlfriend.......can you believe that shit?! so i instead headed north to check out the bear and the bsf. the bear is really what i wanted to fish but it wasn't much more then a slow trickle. i drove up to the dam checking out a couple of spots and surprising the browns were still on redds. the fact that the fish were stillon redds and the water was a trickle i didn't see any sport in fishing for them so i drove over to the bsf. there was plenty of water flowing there. i took a couple right of the bat with a prince nymph and then 1 on a pigsticker. aways up from where i started i started seeing redds and a few fish milling around. after a short dry spell i switched to an egg pattern and the fishing got hot. i stuck with eggs from there on out until i lost all my eggs. the bsf has so many snags throughout the river that it didn't take long to lose a butt load of flies. by the time i lost my last egg pattern it was 3:30 so i called it a day. again nothing big today, 8-14 inches, all browns and a couple of cutts. we will c how tommorrow goes.

Monday, December 21, 2009

X-mas Break Day 1 - The Ogden

egg.....left corner pocket

premature ejaculation........amatuer!

one of my better fish on the day

small fish, big shoulders

really like all the red especially under the tail

the release

head macro

i hate to resort to eggs


a new fence

first fish - ray charles

I had every intent of going to work this morning but last night found out i had my vacation days mixed up so i am off for the whole week. so 3 days off before heading to idaho for x-mas means 3 days of fishing. i had seen some updates on the ogden so since i didn't get out of the house very early i figured i would give the ogden a go. i got to the river and made the long walk tricky walk in. the river was actually flowing lower then i had hoped/expected but i made the best of it. in the first 100 yards roughly i saw that the land owner had thrown up a fence crossing the river, it wasn't there in september. the fishing started off slow picking up a fish here and there. wasn't till i was bout 1/2 way done that i started kicking up fish in spots that i wasn't expecting to. i figured that since the spawn was over that most of the fish would be chilling in deeper water. from where the fish were being kicked up it looked like really small reds. really small compared to the ones i'm used to seeing on the weber anyway. there were actuall still some fish on redds in the ogden. i guess the fish spawn later there then some other rivers. most of the fish i was catching were in less then 2 feet of water in the smaller runs. i did pick up a couple in the deeper holes but they didn't seem as active there. caught a dozen or so browns and 1 whitey. a jerry's baetis and a crystal egg were the primary attention getters. i did take fish on a mikes midge and a ray charles as well. the weather was perfect, sun was out, no wind, warm temperatures and willing fish made for a really enjoyable day. i also met ken browning's (softhackes) brother and was able to get a ride back to my jeep. the ride was appreciated.



a cold winters day

corey k

Got out with corey this past saturday with hopes of getting into some fish. we fished our usual stretch when we wanna stay close to home. the flows were still low and the fishing sucked again. on our way out we saw a few risers in some slack water. corey had already un-rigged so i threw on a 2 midge dry set-up. i couldn't even conjure up a rise to my flies so we packed it in after a short day out.