Thursday, May 3, 2012

The River Cleared

The last couple of days the river had come up a bit and muddied. i took a gamble after work and drove to check it out. i was relieved to see the clarity so i drove to spot and rigged up. a smaller white streamer was driving them crazy and that made the action fast and furious. i managed 2 fish that measured 19" and a few that were 16-18"'s. the weather was a bit overcast and a light sprinkle was present for awhile. the fishing was pretty good for the 2 hrs that i fished.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fishing as Much as i Can

After work i hooked up with jon. my hopes weren't very high that we'd have a place on the river to fish since as we drove all we saw was muddy waters. once we got above the apparent source we found an access point with nobody on it. the fishing was pretty good for myself but jon did not fair so well. he finally did get off the snide though. most of the fish landed were 17-18 inches but i did manage one that was 21". i did not see this fish take cause as my fly had finished it's swing and was sitting in about 6" of water i turned to talk to jon and the big female nailed my streamer. after we finished that section of river we drove down a bit lower and fished new water to both of us and it totally sucked. that's the way it goes sometimes.

A Showing From the Misses

I was fortunate enough to encourage the wife to join me on the river. she enjoys coming out with me but usually only when it is really warm. the weather wasn't to bad today, but not as warm as she generally likes it. i took her someplace she'd never been, it is my favorite place in utah to fish. the fishing was pretty good and she was even wiling to place a caddis larva on her tongue for a quick photo. i don't know why i asked her to do it but i did and she did. it was another enjoyable day with my wife.