Sunday, August 22, 2010

FG Creek

Corey, me and dave took a drive to FG creek. none of us had fished it before but heard good things about it. we fished the upper section closer to the lake but the fish were quite small so we ended up driving to the lowest point we could and hiked downstream 2-3 miles and fished our way up. we think the storms in the last couple of days had affected the fishing cause the fishing was not near what he had expected. the water was extremely fishy and although we did catch a few decent fish, it did not hold up to it's reputation. next time we plan on hiking down 6 miles or so. we hope that hiking farther from any civilization that the fishing will be worthy of the hike.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Back to Streamers

and only landed 2 smaller fish. oh well hoppers again tommorrow

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Small Stream....Small Fish

the hike in

salmon berries

foam beetle

tight casting

big fish of the day

yellow hopper
3 good fish in the bottom of this pool
looking up
cutt-bow on the sgt. slaughter
more stream
some stream
rays of light

I figure i put about 10 miles on aging legs today, just in hopes of getting into some 12ish inch fish. as it turned out i did. the hike around the lake was a bit longer then i remember and then i fished up the creek 4 1/2 hours. i went up twice as far as last year when i fished the creek and i got into a lot of fish and several good fish, most of which i lost but i did land a couple of the better fish. all the fish, i'm pretty sure, were cutt-bows and one of them really stood out as it was alot more colored up then the rest, really red underside and cheeks. once i left the water to start the long journey back i got side tracked on some game trails and ended up having to bush wack through all sorts of sage brush and because i wore shorts today my legs paid for it. today really wore me out and i don't think i'll be making that hike again this year.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Hoppers.....Dries or Streamers?

Myself and scott had a pretty solid day throwing hoppers. the day was going pretty well and the fish were readily smashing hoppers when i approached a deep hole and watch a big fish and a small dink come flying out of the water with the big fish in hot pursuit. not sure if the little guy got away or not but it was amusing to watch. it got me thinking that since i didn't have my streamers with me and if the fish were willing to chase then maybe they would chase a stripped hopper. cast that hopper out and strip it fast like a streamer and game on. we hammered quite a few fish doing this. interesting! all cutts today, was surprised that we didn't pick up any browns today.

Monday, August 9, 2010

2 Streams........

Very little to talk about. myself and jerry headed north to fish some really good hopper water. the hopper fishing was slow, in fact all the fishing was this years summers fashion a storm blew in and really seemed to transition the fishing from 1/2 ass to shitty. we fished till about 2ish, then decided to try another stream. ended up at a stream i had never fished before but have wanted to. a lot of this water was about the width of a twin bed with lots of over hanging brush. i new the fish would be small but i wanted to fish it anyway. we caught some decent cutts, maybe good cutts for that water. the fishing wasn't that good but still fun.