Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Day of Stones

the dry that didn't happen

one of these does not belong
big golden/small fish

stones of past

black/yellow pat's stone

i'd like to know when and who's going

more pat's stones

got all of it

orange/yellow pat's stone

brown in water

peaking caddis

After a night of shitty sleep i woke up bright and early. michelle and the kids were gone so decided to hit the river. i am tired, at least for the moment, of throwing streamers and wanted to throw stones for a change. i headed to the OG. i fished low on the river, a spot i had only fished once before. i was hoping to raise some fish to the surface on a big stone dry so i rigged up with a dry/dropper double stone combo. nothing came to the top as i expected but they were hitting on the droper so after a bit i just nymphed a double stone rig. caught a few fish so i was happy.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to work

Yesterday was my first day back to work after 2 weeks off from back surgery. i probably over exerted myself by fishing to far upstream cause i felt sore and exhausted on the way back down. i had to stop a handful of times to take a breather and get off my feet. fished up to the electric fence then headed back downstream. the water is still stained but the flows are good. olive and black on the way up and yellow and brown for the trip back down. didn't move a fish on the way back down.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Muddy Waters.......

cuttie face

felt the sting of both hooks

quite a mouthful

this little guy was sporting snake bites

olive was productive

once you go black........
no wonder land owners hate us

I'm still trying to take as much advantage of my surgery time off as possable. i went out again today for a few hours. i hit one of the usual spots and right away noticed that water is being released from somewhere cause the river was up and pretty stained. i contemplated trying to find some clearer water but a quick call to corey changed my mind. i was quickly convinced that the clearity was fine when i landed a nice little cuttie. by the time i was done for the day i had landed 5 fish, lost 2 and had several hits and chases. i did come acrossed this nice little pile of brews, no wonder land owners want us off their land. on my way out i loaded up the net. it was better then i expected.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Few Hours

Got a message from ken (softhacke) that he was gonna fish wednsday as well so agreed to meet at mickey d's and head locally. unfortunately there was a major accident on main street and I-15 and because of these accidents traffic was backed up everywhere. it normally takes me bout 20 minutes to get to the canyon, but because of traffic it took me an hour and 45 minutes, so that killed some of our time on the river. when we both already had a deadline to be off the river the traffic really sucked. we got to the river and the river was looking pretty good. the flows were a little up and the water had just a little tint to it. a few holes up we started hitting some fish with streamers and although the day was slow it still was consistent. a few hits, a few lost fish, 1 or 2 caught. nothing big but it still was an enjoyable to get out and since i hadn't fished with ken before, it made for a good day. it always nice when you hook up with someone for the first time that they aren't a total dipshit.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What Does She Know Anyway.......

Against my doctors post surgery wishes, in which she said no fishing until she sees me in a couple of weeks, i ventured to the water. also michelle was skeptical of me going cause she thought i would push it to much and honestly so did i. i have been going nuts doing nothing everyday since my surgery and of course the weather has been great. i went out this morning but it was short lived as i got really exhausted, my back started to ache a little and my leg was a little tired as well. i was only out 2 hrs. but at least i didn't come away empty handed. i think i will try again tommorrow.

Friday, March 12, 2010

WFF 2010 Stonefly swap

golden stone

bird's stonefly nymph

skwala stone

ice aged stone

egg laying green stonefly

pat's rubber legged stone

skwala stone

I played swapmeister for a stonefly swap on the WFF site and thought i would share what came out of it. i apologaize for the 1/2 ass pictures, i am still trying to learn with the camera. some of them i have names for and some i don't.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Pre-Op Outing

While tying some more streamers last night i started feening to chuck streamers. i was tying a bunch of olive sex parakeets and they were looking good. i got up this morning and even though it hurt to move around i was determined to fish some water before i have back surgery in the morning. although it seemed strange to start off with anything other then white, i rigged up with an olive sex parakeet and gingerly made my way down to the river. i chose a fairly short section to fish just in case the pain got to much for me, i would'nt have to much of a walk back. i fished my way up to a certain point then fished my way back down. i was only on the water for bout 3 hrs. the fish were pretty active. i took 3 small browns and 1 decent cuttie. i also lost a few and had numerous hits. i needed to get out for my own good seeings how i don't know how long i'll be laid up after surgery tommorrow. it's gonna drive me nuts!