Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Day of Stones

the dry that didn't happen

one of these does not belong
big golden/small fish

stones of past

black/yellow pat's stone

i'd like to know when and who's going

more pat's stones

got all of it

orange/yellow pat's stone

brown in water

peaking caddis

After a night of shitty sleep i woke up bright and early. michelle and the kids were gone so decided to hit the river. i am tired, at least for the moment, of throwing streamers and wanted to throw stones for a change. i headed to the OG. i fished low on the river, a spot i had only fished once before. i was hoping to raise some fish to the surface on a big stone dry so i rigged up with a dry/dropper double stone combo. nothing came to the top as i expected but they were hitting on the droper so after a bit i just nymphed a double stone rig. caught a few fish so i was happy.

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