Saturday, April 3, 2010

Stocking Up

green drake

green hopper

my butcher job on cheech's petite sirloin stone

green drakes

green and yellow hoppers
bout 3 dozen pat's stones

For the last 3 nights i have been getting some tying done at work since things at home are a bit disrupted with move preperations. i have been tying some stones, hoppers and some green drakes. the little green hopper i was told from wade at anglers den has worked pretty well in the past during the skwala hatch so i'm anxious to give it a wirl in the coming weeks.


softhacke said...

I like the greedrakes, ive never fished with them.

mike doughty said...

i've only fished them once

Pat said...

Be prepared for them around the end of June for them fellas!!!