Sunday, November 30, 2008

Post Turkey Day

Saturday morning i packed up michelle and her kids and made the long drive to washington for thanksgiving break. it was nice for my family to meet them and vice versa. i had planned on taking michelle out for a few hours one of the days and try and get her into her first salmon since the silver were still in the river, but the river was still a bit out of shape. instead of salmon we at least had the opportunity to get a trout fix in. a friend of my uncles has a piece of water that is pay-to-play that is full of kamploops rainbows up to 10lbs. i wouldn't have fished it if we had to pay but because he is a good friend of my uncles it was on the house. i would've preferred to throw a #6 at them but all i brout was a #7 and an #8, it had to do. i did however have some trout streamers hanging from the ceiling of my car to use. the kids got rigged up with the owners spinning rod, a bobber and a chironomid. we spent about 2 hrs. there in the pouring rain, i caught some really nice fish on buggers and leeches, the kids each caught 1 fish on a red and white chironomid and unfortunately michelle had a lot of hits, missed 1 but didn't land it. i would've liked to see her land some but at least we got a chance to fish and the kids were able to get involved as well.