Saturday, July 31, 2010

River Full of Fatties

Myself, doug and corey headed way south today. the fishing wasn't phenominal in numbers by the health and strength of the fish was off the hook. the weather was decent to us for the most part. i threw big meat all day except a short trial period with a hopper/dropper rig. had a couple of fish boil on my hopper but that was it with that rig. only landed 2 fish but the 1st corey taped at a skosh under 24". the girth and the colors were quite impressive. most of the day doug and corey threw a hopper/dropper setup, both hammering a few fish. both corey's and doug's impressive type fish were taken on top. there were fish rising all day but it seemed mostly when the sun was out. tons of caddis and 2 different species of mayfly were out. it was nice hitting a little different piece of water and nice fishing with a couple of good sticks.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still no Cicadas

I'm beginning to think that i missed the cicadas all together. didn't see them in june or july so i am going to blame it on weather. fished with doug today. started off ar river 'A' in search of big fish on cicadas. cicadas were not producing so we switched to some stone dries. a couple of good cutties were taken but didn't see any of the big fish that were taken the week before. the water had been dropped a bit as well and holes/runs that were hot spots the week before were no more. we only fished up about 1/2 way before deciding to drive to river 'B' to see what we could do there. doug stayed on top while i switched to a streamer. i had never thrown a streamer on this river but corey had said that he had been shown some love with them there. i hadn't moved anything and in the middle of a strip i looked at doug and started to say i was going to switch to nymphs when i got drilled by a solid brown. i chose to give the streamer some more time. i ended up moving a fair amount hitting a few and landing 3. doug took a couple on a nymph dropper and had a couple of fish take his dry but couldn't keep them pinned. we ended up calling it a day when a storm moved in and lightning was approaching quickly.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Up The Basin

Went up to the basin for some high altitude fishing. the fishing was extremely slow, in fact, 4 lakes, only a few small brooks. the weather was pleasant except for the strong winds. a really big mayfly hatch that came off all day. i think they were callabaetis but i really have no clue. this was the first time fishing the area in the summer and i wasn't impressed. i have fished it in the fall with much better success. i think september should be good.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Clearing Some Property

Michelle's cousins husband has some acreage in wyoming so i picked him friday afternoon to head up there and clear a road for a yurt they are putting in. as it turned out some of his friends that were supposed to come up and help couldn't make it. we got up there early so we could get camp set up and the ladies showed up in the evening after work and one of steves buddies showed up saturday afternoon. saturday was the work day so the whole day was spent chainsawing down trees, which was mostly my job, and steve, the owner, spent the day on the quad pulling out the debris. the ladies and the kids also helped pull out fallen trees. we got the road cleared out by about 6pm. the cicadas were also out in force buzzing up a storm. we just got home and after 3 days of dirt, bug spray and chainsaw oil i was ready for a shower. unfortunately there was no time to fish so i didn't even bring my gear.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sgt. Slaughter and Co.

Hooked up with pat and corey for some cicada action. i wonder if the weather has put them down like some of the other hatches this year cause the cicadas were not present. this time last year they were everywhere. the weather was hit and miss, some sun, some rain, an ocassional typhoon. the weather though did not seem to affect the fish as they were more then willing to fise to our offerings. most of the fish were caught on cicadas but some were caught on an irresistable and one on a big stimmi. it was a good day and we all enjoyed it.