Saturday, July 31, 2010

River Full of Fatties

Myself, doug and corey headed way south today. the fishing wasn't phenominal in numbers by the health and strength of the fish was off the hook. the weather was decent to us for the most part. i threw big meat all day except a short trial period with a hopper/dropper rig. had a couple of fish boil on my hopper but that was it with that rig. only landed 2 fish but the 1st corey taped at a skosh under 24". the girth and the colors were quite impressive. most of the day doug and corey threw a hopper/dropper setup, both hammering a few fish. both corey's and doug's impressive type fish were taken on top. there were fish rising all day but it seemed mostly when the sun was out. tons of caddis and 2 different species of mayfly were out. it was nice hitting a little different piece of water and nice fishing with a couple of good sticks.

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