Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sgt. Slaughter and Co.

Hooked up with pat and corey for some cicada action. i wonder if the weather has put them down like some of the other hatches this year cause the cicadas were not present. this time last year they were everywhere. the weather was hit and miss, some sun, some rain, an ocassional typhoon. the weather though did not seem to affect the fish as they were more then willing to fise to our offerings. most of the fish were caught on cicadas but some were caught on an irresistable and one on a big stimmi. it was a good day and we all enjoyed it.


Scott said...

Great report, Mike! I am a sucker for you cuttie pictures, too. Excellent work.

nick said...

MIke is that the SLT that you were going to build? I've got one and love it.

nick said...

Mike is that the SLT that you were talking about building?