Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still no Cicadas

I'm beginning to think that i missed the cicadas all together. didn't see them in june or july so i am going to blame it on weather. fished with doug today. started off ar river 'A' in search of big fish on cicadas. cicadas were not producing so we switched to some stone dries. a couple of good cutties were taken but didn't see any of the big fish that were taken the week before. the water had been dropped a bit as well and holes/runs that were hot spots the week before were no more. we only fished up about 1/2 way before deciding to drive to river 'B' to see what we could do there. doug stayed on top while i switched to a streamer. i had never thrown a streamer on this river but corey had said that he had been shown some love with them there. i hadn't moved anything and in the middle of a strip i looked at doug and started to say i was going to switch to nymphs when i got drilled by a solid brown. i chose to give the streamer some more time. i ended up moving a fair amount hitting a few and landing 3. doug took a couple on a nymph dropper and had a couple of fish take his dry but couldn't keep them pinned. we ended up calling it a day when a storm moved in and lightning was approaching quickly.

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