Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Valhalla

I took jasmine and austin there today. the weather was great, the fishing was decent and the kids really enjoyed themselves. all fish between 12-17", no big ones. pig sticker, pat's stone and my flashback hares ear were the only producers. still nothing on top.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Change of Plans

pats stone

skinny ass cutt

love the orange spots

i headed to the res. but on the way up i realized that i needed my pump to blow up my float tube. unfortunately i thought about it when i was almost there, so instead i decided to hit the moving water that was there. the stream was up butclarity was good. the water level made for some tough crossing and wading in general, even when i hugged the shore. was throwing stones and picked up afew small fish.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

3 streams....2 peeps....2 fish

I picked up nich at his house at 7:30. we drove to the first of three stream. i hooked up within the first 1/2 hour but promptly lost that fish, which ended up being it for me for the day. we fished a couple of different sections on this stream but nothing was happening. after a couple of hours we drove to stream number 2 which was just over the hill. we didn't find any fish but did stumble on someones humble abode. actually i think they had moved out by the look of things. it was funished with an upside down shopping cart with a sign that read, "hungry please help",a dozen or so empty can of veggies and fruits, a pair of camoflauge pants and a camo goucho of some sort. i really expected to find a dead body laying amongst the mess. with no fish to been had or seen we drove to stream number three and it proved to be just as unproductive, except one cuttie that nich mustered up. the third stream was considerably higher in altitude with still some snow around. up there the winds were kicking at a guestimated 40 mph gusts. the colder temps., the winds and the fact that it started snowing on us at the end made for some cold ass fishing. all in all it was a shitty day for both and considering we fished 3 waters and i didn't catch one fish i would say that it was probably the worst day of fishing i've ever had.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Greenback video

This is a pretty sweet video and it inspires me.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Muddy Waters

I have a contact that owns a lot of property on a river in wyoming and this said river is full of cutties. i had my heart set on chasing cutthroat so i gave him a call to see if me and jerry could fish his property. he said that the river was in good shape so me and jerry made our way there. as we were driving over the pass we found that the pass was closed and there wasn't even a trace of snow......son of a bitch! so having to backtrack set us back about an hour or so. when we finally arrived at the river we were disappointed by muddy waters. i was told later in the day that they had had a big storm acouple of days ago so we figured that that was why the river was all of a sudden blown. either that or the land owner didn't know what he was talking about when he said the river was in good shape. we drove upstream to see if it would clear up any but it didn't so when the road split and we had a chance to fish other familiar waters we took that route. the road was great for awhile until we ran into some deep snow and could'nt get through. crap! another set back. by this time it was already 1:00 and we hadn't even had a chance to get geared up yet. we back tracked to the highway and made our way east.finally got to the river just before 3:00. the only person there was was one of the owners sons but he was off mending fences. we fished for about 3 tough hours only picking up a couple of fish. nothing special. as we were finishing up the land owners son pulled up on his quad and we had some small talk. i did ask him how much property they had and he said 25,000 acres. that is an astronomical amount of property. i think the muddy waters wil have to wait till june before i attempt it again.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quality Over Quantity

great colors

the pig sticker was the ticket

my 1 good fish

taking a drink

a happy customer

photo session is over

i prefer them with a bit more color

slab of the day

she had some bad eggs

all about the focus

Pat M on the trigger

seeing eye to eye

clean fish

i leave it alone for 5 minutes and........
the way it should be

Today was not a numbers game by any means, in fact we each only pulled a few fish each. we did however, each take 1 fish over 20", with pat taking a beast at 24 1/2". i had hopes of pulling some on top and with a steamer so i rigged up 2 rods, one for each method. neither produced though. i did see afew risers but i couldn't entice anything, throwing a midge pattern, 2 different bwo patterns and a caddis. i soon switched to a nymph set up and the pig sticker started reaping dividends right off the bat. pat was muscleing fish with a pig sticker and an egg dropper, oth flies produced. the weather was great, in fact almost to great as we got cooked. the wind was very cooperative and the sun was quite pleasant. there were some midges, bwo's and caddis popping off but i think it is probably stil a 3-4 weeks away from really being good on top.tommorrow i head after cutties in the same general direction, can't wait!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

When the Cats Away.....Day 2

Mothers day did not as planned at all. i got up at 5 am to get on the road and head north. i wanted to check out a certain lake hoping it was thawed. my plan was to fish once around the lake and then hit one of the streams in that area. as i got closer to the mountains i became worried, thinking, man there sure is a lot of snow still left up there. i made it about 1/2 way, only because some of the dirt road was plowed of snow. after that i was screwed. i did pass 2 other lakes on the way to my destination and they were both still froze over and one of the rivers was still mostly froze over as well. with not being able to go any further i turned back around and decided to chuck some streamers on the upper ???? the water was very fishy but unfortunately in the couple of hours i was there i didn't see a single fish but the caddis hatch was insane. i have never been in a hatch like that before. lots of ants out today as well and they were wrecking havoc on the caddis. i tried to get some good shots of the hatch but couldn't get anything worth acrap. i wondered if maybe that's why they weren't taking my streamers. it was nice to get out of that flying blizzard. i ventured down aways lower. the water was up a bit and has some color to it. fished it for awhile and had the same results as up river, no fishies.kept making my way lower. stopped at another location but didn't fish cause again the water was up and pretty discolored. i was getting a bit discouraged at this point. now i didn't even feel much like fishing. i decided to look at one more spot, even lower on the river. the water was considerably lowerand clearer. to hell with it, i had nothing better to do so i grabbed my shit and mustered some motivation. i fished upstream and made it a short stretch. now i was getting into some fish. only mustered a couple to the net but at least i didn't get skunked. today was probably the best day weather wise we've had all year.