Sunday, May 9, 2010

When the Cats Away.....Day 2

Mothers day did not as planned at all. i got up at 5 am to get on the road and head north. i wanted to check out a certain lake hoping it was thawed. my plan was to fish once around the lake and then hit one of the streams in that area. as i got closer to the mountains i became worried, thinking, man there sure is a lot of snow still left up there. i made it about 1/2 way, only because some of the dirt road was plowed of snow. after that i was screwed. i did pass 2 other lakes on the way to my destination and they were both still froze over and one of the rivers was still mostly froze over as well. with not being able to go any further i turned back around and decided to chuck some streamers on the upper ???? the water was very fishy but unfortunately in the couple of hours i was there i didn't see a single fish but the caddis hatch was insane. i have never been in a hatch like that before. lots of ants out today as well and they were wrecking havoc on the caddis. i tried to get some good shots of the hatch but couldn't get anything worth acrap. i wondered if maybe that's why they weren't taking my streamers. it was nice to get out of that flying blizzard. i ventured down aways lower. the water was up a bit and has some color to it. fished it for awhile and had the same results as up river, no fishies.kept making my way lower. stopped at another location but didn't fish cause again the water was up and pretty discolored. i was getting a bit discouraged at this point. now i didn't even feel much like fishing. i decided to look at one more spot, even lower on the river. the water was considerably lowerand clearer. to hell with it, i had nothing better to do so i grabbed my shit and mustered some motivation. i fished upstream and made it a short stretch. now i was getting into some fish. only mustered a couple to the net but at least i didn't get skunked. today was probably the best day weather wise we've had all year.


Kev2380 said...

On the Watauga in NC during the first warm week of summer there was an insane caddis hatch. Little black ones. I've never seen them before. They were crawling all over the rocks but fish weren't rising or stacking up in eddies to eat them. I'm not sure if they were focusing on risers or what. It was strange. Lots of bugs, but no fish activity.

mike doughty said...

yea i didn't see any risers either.

Mark said...

Sorry I didn't get back to you that day. I didn't get your text until later.

Your day reminds me of when we were on the Ham's fork and all of those little stone flies were all over the place and the fish didn't care one bit for them