Monday, May 17, 2010

Muddy Waters

I have a contact that owns a lot of property on a river in wyoming and this said river is full of cutties. i had my heart set on chasing cutthroat so i gave him a call to see if me and jerry could fish his property. he said that the river was in good shape so me and jerry made our way there. as we were driving over the pass we found that the pass was closed and there wasn't even a trace of snow......son of a bitch! so having to backtrack set us back about an hour or so. when we finally arrived at the river we were disappointed by muddy waters. i was told later in the day that they had had a big storm acouple of days ago so we figured that that was why the river was all of a sudden blown. either that or the land owner didn't know what he was talking about when he said the river was in good shape. we drove upstream to see if it would clear up any but it didn't so when the road split and we had a chance to fish other familiar waters we took that route. the road was great for awhile until we ran into some deep snow and could'nt get through. crap! another set back. by this time it was already 1:00 and we hadn't even had a chance to get geared up yet. we back tracked to the highway and made our way east.finally got to the river just before 3:00. the only person there was was one of the owners sons but he was off mending fences. we fished for about 3 tough hours only picking up a couple of fish. nothing special. as we were finishing up the land owners son pulled up on his quad and we had some small talk. i did ask him how much property they had and he said 25,000 acres. that is an astronomical amount of property. i think the muddy waters wil have to wait till june before i attempt it again.

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