Saturday, May 8, 2010

When the Cats Away.........Day 1

i'm just a blur in coreys world

corey nails another sick shot

brown/sexparakeet by corey k

stout brown by corey k

nice tail by corey k

skwala by corey k

This mouse will play. michelle and the kids went to idaho to see family. i got a text from corey inviting me to meet up with him and dave. they were doing an all dayer but i had some stuff i needed to get done so i joined them for about 3 hours. it was phenominal fishing but we were all moving/tickling fish with streamers. when i had left i had landed a couple and corey and dave each had 1 to hand as well. we also found a few adult skwalas hanging out by the shore. according to corey it really heated up after i left. figures! i should've stayed and fished. all these photos were taken by corey kruitbosch


Bigerrfish said...

Those are some awesome shot's!!! great camera work!!

mike doughty said...

yea corey takes some amazing shots

Kev2380 said...

Awesome pics!

CoreyK said...

Glad we could get out Mike .. even if it was only for a 1/2 day. Thanks for the props on the pics!