Saturday, April 25, 2009

A fishing Hiatus

Tuneing out

The band Filter performed and visited us

C-17 parked outside my room

Probably a controlled det.
Hard at work
Iraqi sunset
Iraqi sunset after storm
I know that this is not fishing related but oh well. As some people already know i have been deployed to iraq since january, roughly 50 some miles north of baghdad. it is my 2nd tour in iraq and probably my last. i have spent a lot of my time off volunteering at the base hospital in the ICW and ICU. Last year here i saw a lot of crazy shit volunteering at the hospital but this year i have truly experienced some crazy/nasty shit. i have been more hands on this trip doing anyhting from changing dressings on amputees, bullet wounds, and infections. 2 things that really stick out and that i will never forget are changing the dressings on an iraqi man that had to have his dick and balls removed cause of poor circulation and infection and and cleaning an iraqi woman's body who was 50% 3rd degree burnt. the latter was probably the grosest thing i've ever seen or experienced. i have been going nuts without being able to fish. chatting with pat and corey on a fairly regular basis has not helped either. a few more weeks and i'll be able wet a line. i have been stocking up on camping/hiking gear for me and michelle and am chomping at the bit. here are some pics. some after the storm pics, bombs, planes, me working, the rock group filter showed up and our squadron mascot painted on cement slabs.