Sunday, September 26, 2010

South of the Border Brookies

Myself and scott headed out to the lake to see if we could get into some decent fish. most of the fish were average but scott did manage to land 2 really nice brooks. anything 15+ is a nice brook down there. we also caught a couple of small grayling. after fishing the lake we headed west to fish a piece of small stream that, according to my outdated source, has some good cutthroat. 1 small cutthroat and a few small brookies later and we were back on the road to see if we could get out of hills by dark. the weather was almost perfect. it was very warm, not a cloud in the sky, but just a bit of wind kicked up early in the afternoon. thanks for coming out scott

Thursday, September 16, 2010

And the Yoyo Continues

The river continues fluxuate up and down. it had finally come up some and now it's back down. hopefully tommorrow it will be back up. the other day it was lower then i prefer it to be but what can i do. still not landing any of the bigger fish.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Water is on the Rise

The last couple of days have tortured me. the fish have been very active and i have had my ass handed to me for the most part. i've landed a few fish but other then 20"er they have all been, what i call next years fish. by that i mean 12-15"fish, so next year they will be good fish. the water had jumped up a little earlier in the week but was still really clear. this morning i went out and the level had come up a little more and had some chocolate to it. didn't seem to affect the streamer fishing any as the fish were all over me. unfortunately i got spanked again today. moved a lot of fish, including one that i know would have gone 22-24", lost 2 really nice fish, got hit a lot and landed a few of next years fish. the last fish that i hooked came flying out of the water and when he did i was surprised that i still had him on. on his second jump he jumped right on shore and it was then, flopping around on the rocks, trying his best to come free, that he spit my hook and flopped right back into the water and swam away. unfricking believable! i get him on shore and i still can't land him. that's the way it's been for me the last couple of days

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Their on the Move

The fish that is. the water level finally came up just a bit, so to me it was a good excuse to chuck some streamers. i was optamistic but i was surprised at how active the fish really were. i didn't catch a bunch but i sure move quite a few. only one good fish (20") and a few small fish(10-14") to hand. i was surprised at the quantity of cutts there. a black jj bugger w/chartruese legs did the trick.