Sunday, September 26, 2010

South of the Border Brookies

Myself and scott headed out to the lake to see if we could get into some decent fish. most of the fish were average but scott did manage to land 2 really nice brooks. anything 15+ is a nice brook down there. we also caught a couple of small grayling. after fishing the lake we headed west to fish a piece of small stream that, according to my outdated source, has some good cutthroat. 1 small cutthroat and a few small brookies later and we were back on the road to see if we could get out of hills by dark. the weather was almost perfect. it was very warm, not a cloud in the sky, but just a bit of wind kicked up early in the afternoon. thanks for coming out scott


Scott D said...

Mike, it was a good time. Think my body is still feeling beat up after that trip. It was worth every rock/pothole jarring minute.

mike doughty said...

i agree scott

Ryan said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent! Great pics! I love fish porn!

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