Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Think it's Nymphing Time

sex parakeet

this line is done....how does this knot happen

not ready for snow

After work i hit the weber at my usual spot since thewater had come up. it is perfect right now and i was optimistic with this new tan/white streamer i tied up. spent the evening throwing streamers just to move 1 fish and wishing i had brought my nymphs and eggs. i think it's time to start nymphing again. there were quite a few reds and walking over to check them out i moved a number of fish. on this one side channel i walked up it to check out the reds and kicked up 6 fish on 1 red. i feel that the fish are more into the spawn then chasing streamers so in a couple of days i will rig up to throw some eggs and what not.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fishing With Yoda

I was supposed to fish with michelle and pat today but they both ended up having to bail on me so i sent out a text to a few people and got a response from chris that cary had bailed on him. we met at the maverick and ventured east to a certain piece of the provo. i stuck with streamers changing patterns and colors 3 times but did not move a fish. chris started with a streamer but soon switch to the dark side, started nymphing and his rod was soon bent. a few whities a few browns and a cutt later and we were back at his truck exchanging the river for some stillwater action, at least for chris anyway. we made the haul to find that we had the lake pretty much to ourselves which was a big surprise, thank god for church and football. chris rigged with his typical lake nymph set-up was putting on a clinic right away, very yoda like, i on the other hand wanted to chuck my mouse pattern equipped with cheech sacks but couldn't find any interested fish. i was then throwing a white streamer which also didn't get any love and then chris tempted me with his set-up. i had none of my nymphing equipment so chris hooked me up. woo hoo, i was finally into a fish. although i was hoping tiger i got a fat beautiful cutthroat so the day was not all lost. chris did get into some more fish but i did not. it seems that each time i fish with chris i am watching a clinic. it's almost like he knows what he's doing. the wind was pretty stout so we packed it in for the day.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Local Waters in the 801

My kids flew back to colorado today so after i got home from the airport i got the o.k. from the wife to hit some water. i went to a place i had parked at before and instantly noticed that the river looked like it had dropped another few feet since i was there last. this time fished upstream instead of down, since i hadn't fished up before. rigged up with an articulated white zoo cougar i started pounding the water. as i fished up i started hearing some pistol shots up river from me and didn't think anything about it until i heard a bullet whiz by. holy shit did that get my attention. i quickly reeled up and tried to make myself visible to whoever was shooting. i got into a position that i could see them and it just looked like they were shooting at a target of some sorts. they eventually saw me and stopped shooting for a bit until i was well past them. it sucked to have to reel up and move quickly past cause i had to skip over some good looking water. shit happens! the very first run after i started chucking again i moved a couple of fish. no hook-ups so up i continued. next run a fish caught me sleeping. as i was stripping a fish nail my fly hard enough that i pulled the line out of my fingers and by the time i got control of the line back it was gone. i continued to find some good looking water, even though the water was low, and continued to move fish. i eventually threw on a modified morrish mouse, with some cheeks on it, but did not move anything with it. went back to a streamer, a T&A brown pattern, and got into some more fish, landing 1. unfortunately while i was trying to get a pic of it, it decided it didn't want to be held anymore and flopped back into the river. i came to a bend and noticed around a dozen ducks in the river and on shore, but for some reason they didn't fly off as i approached. after careful inspection from about 20 yards i noticed that they were all decoys and thought it kind of weird that someone would leave all these decoys here. i continued to throw and after a couple of casts i was thinking to myself that i remembered hearing ducks just before i got there, then i dawned on me, am i 'f'ing up someones duck hunting, is there someone ina ground blind somewhere wondering what in the hell i'm doing? i survey the area and sure as shit i see someones head on the other side of this cluster of fallen logs and quickly apolagize and head back downstream. i hit/moved a couple of fish on the way down to the jeep but did not bring any to hand. and interesting night for sure.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Shayne at the Vise

shayne feels the hook

the finished products

Shayne has hounded me repeatedly the last 2 times the kids have visited me to learn her again how to tie flies. she wanted something easy to tie and some thing i could use here. i chose the wooley bugger. i fish a bugger quite often in lakes so it was an easy choice. she did pretty well and they should fish just fine. i look forward to sending her a pic of a fish i caugth with her fly.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Asian Persuasion

At the last minute i was able to fly my kids out to visit. michelle had to go to idaho to pick up her son at the grandparents and decided to stay the weekend. i had the kids to myself. i wanted to get out at least one day of fly fishing with my kids while they were here but shayne did not want to go, she opted to stay home instead. there is a lake i had wanted to get over and fish since i hadn't been there since last sept., so we made the drive east. the weather was good except for the strong winds. there was some snow but mostly on the dirt road and of cours it was a little chilly. we parked and headed over to the lake. we chose to rig up with sink lines instead of floating since the lake is pretty deep with aconsiderable drop-off near at the shore line. i started with a smaller simi seal type leech with a beadhead, soon i had a nice grayling to hand. jake rigged up a brown conehead bugger but was soon changing as it wasn't doing much. on the side of the lake in which we started we were continually into fish. other then the one grayling everything else were brookies, all of which were in the 12-13" range, except the one phatty i caught that was a hair over 15". we continued to work our way around the lake only hooking a few more fish while landing none. it was a long drive just to fish our way around one lake but it was the best day i have had in a bout a month. it was also wonderful to be able to get out with jake again.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

a couple of days on the weeb

got out a couple of times this week. still not much happening. got into a couple of smaller fish but the big boys seemed to really be in hiding. i think until the flows come back up the fishing is going to suck. i did fish lower with corey the other day after work. we moved a couple of fish but nothing to hand. it's good to see that i am not the only one getting a beat down on the river.