Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Think it's Nymphing Time

sex parakeet

this line is done....how does this knot happen

not ready for snow

After work i hit the weber at my usual spot since thewater had come up. it is perfect right now and i was optimistic with this new tan/white streamer i tied up. spent the evening throwing streamers just to move 1 fish and wishing i had brought my nymphs and eggs. i think it's time to start nymphing again. there were quite a few reds and walking over to check them out i moved a number of fish. on this one side channel i walked up it to check out the reds and kicked up 6 fish on 1 red. i feel that the fish are more into the spawn then chasing streamers so in a couple of days i will rig up to throw some eggs and what not.

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