Monday, November 2, 2009

Steelhead Flies


black/orange articulated

random tie

blue moon variation

coquihalla orange

steelhead nymphs

kalama spey


shrimp pattern
cummings special

Been looking through one of my galleries and some pics of some of my swap flies and thought i would post some.


jabberwock said...

The flies look sweet!

I have been tying some flies for chrome. I have to be kind of inventive with the flies as I have limited big fly material. No floss, no wire, just some marabou. I am going to try to copy a couple of your ties.

I am heading up to Salmon Friday, you should come along!

mike doughty said...

good luck with the steelheading. i wish i could go but am working 12 hr. shifts through the weekend.