Sunday, November 15, 2009

Doesn't Make Sense


was 4-5 redds in there last week. almost dried up

A redd almost dried up

Me and jerry went to a section on the weber that fished well and was flowing well last wednsday, only to see that the flows had been dramatically dropped, basically to summer flows. with the amount of water that was there you would have thought that the river was diverted for irrigation. seeings how irrigation is not an issue at this time of year i don't understand why the flows were reduced so much. it certainly has to hurt the brown spawn since a lot of the redds that held fish last week were now either on dry land or almost dry. we had started up higher on the weeb where there was plenty of water, but the fish weren't hitting anything which is why we moved downriver. just doesn't make sense to me. it really kinda pisses me off actually.

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