Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cloudveil 8x Waders

2 years ago i found a pair of the cloudveil 8x waders on ebay, brand new still in the box, for a mere $150, a fraction of their normal $400 price tag. i couldn't pass them up. now after 2 solid years of use i am finally having to fix a couple of leaks. last week i got the rigth leg fixed and now i have to stop a leak in the left leg. no worries though. i am not gentle by any means with my waders so to me they have done quite well. they are by far the best wader i have owned to date. i would actually compare them to the patagonia watermaster II's that i have but the cloudveils, i feel, fit me a little better. all in all they have been a great wader, especially for what i paid for them.

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