Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fishing Again

Man 2 weeks seems like a really long time to not fish. it had been 2 weeks since i had been out so myself and scott braved the shitty roads to get to our destination of choice. i hadn't been there for about 4 months. the water was in low winter form, and there was still a fair amount of vegetation left on the river bottom. we fished 2 different sections and there are a few changes to the 2nd section we fished. i hadn't hit that area in over a year. surprisingly the weather there was real nice until about 2:30 when the temps. dropped and the wind kicked in. the fishing was o.k., nothing spectacular but as always it was good to get out.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Post Vet's Day 'Bows'

I was beginning to think i would have to roll solo again but at 5am i got a text from jake that he was good to go. the last time i saw the clock it was almost 3am so with minimal sleep i creeped out of bed and picked up was a long 3 hour drive but we made it without me falling asleep behind the wheel. the spot we had planned on fishing was gated off so we drove a little further up. getting out of the jeep sucked cause it was colder then a witch's tit and the wind was picking up nicely. i apparently forgot it was winter as i only brought one thin pair of no-show sissy socks, didn't pack my wader liners and forgot my gloves.....IDIOT! as we approached the river we could see a few risers so i rigged up with a couple of emergers, no dice. jake quickly picked up a small, but chunky 'bow' on a nymphed midge. we made our way down stream a little to a big slow hole and again we saw some risers. jake rigged up a double midge rig with no weight and i grabbed my streamer rod. right away i had a hit and then a couple of casts later i had one almost to the net before my hook came out. couldn't get anymore love with the meat. jake however, nabbed a few real nice fish on his midge rig using a real slow retrieve, including one that went several inches past the 20" mark on my rod. all these fish were lively and healthy. eventually we chose to drive downstream quite aways to try another location, which was short lived as the water was real low, didn't see much for fish, it was getting to damn cold again and another storm was almost on us, so we packed it in early and headed back home.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Vet's day

the sticker pulls through again

the deer are in spawn season as well.....rub!

one of the few on an egg

random shot

struck gold....different lighting
struck gold

Didn't make to chase rainbows today so just hung close to home. i noticed that pretty much all the redds were void of fish, which i hope is a sign that the fish are starting to wrap things up and will start heading back to their usual haunts and lies. did pick up some fish in a little deeper water. pig stickers, eggs and hares ears were all working today. tommorrow i will head elsewhere and entice some 'bows'.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Football Sunday

This week was spent on the river instead of lounging around watching football. i had plans of fishing with 2 others but that didn't pan out but michelle said she wanted to go so it all worked out. the plan was to head a couple hours away but we decided to just stay close. the fishing wasn't that great, as it usually isn't this time of year. took fish on eggs, pig stickers and a hare's ear. one thing nice about the day though was t-shirt weather in november. gotta love it. did see 1/2 of a dead deer/elk in the river though. not sure where the other 1/2 went and i say deer/elk cause it had the hide of a deer but it's body, head and ears were rather large for a deer. just couldn't make out exactly which it was.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Least Favorite Time........

Of the year to fish. i hate spawn season cause the fish lose interest in streamers and the fish get assed out. unfortunately this is the time for me to transition to nymphing and i don't care to nymph ifi don't have to. but i still need to fish and with the snows and dropping temps it becomes that much harder to get up in altitude to the lakes so i choose to change my gear and nymph to spawners. some firsts today. i hooked a fish on my pig sticker and as it was swimming around with my egg dropper dangling behind it a bigger fish popped up on the scene and after a couple of swipes, ate my egg and for a head shake i had both big fish on until my tippet on my dropper snapped 1/2 way down, must of been a nick. less then 10 minutes later jake netted 2 fish that he had on at once. pretty cool to see. i had a lot more pics to share but somehow lost more then 1/2 of them during the download process. i'm pissed!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


the fish are actively on them and don't seem to have much interest in streamers. i threw streamers in normal fishy water but it seems they've moved to the shallows for the spawn.