Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fishing Again

Man 2 weeks seems like a really long time to not fish. it had been 2 weeks since i had been out so myself and scott braved the shitty roads to get to our destination of choice. i hadn't been there for about 4 months. the water was in low winter form, and there was still a fair amount of vegetation left on the river bottom. we fished 2 different sections and there are a few changes to the 2nd section we fished. i hadn't hit that area in over a year. surprisingly the weather there was real nice until about 2:30 when the temps. dropped and the wind kicked in. the fishing was o.k., nothing spectacular but as always it was good to get out.


Bigerrfish said...

Thats a f#!%ing awesome hat!

mike doughty said...

from russia with love