Friday, November 12, 2010

Post Vet's Day 'Bows'

I was beginning to think i would have to roll solo again but at 5am i got a text from jake that he was good to go. the last time i saw the clock it was almost 3am so with minimal sleep i creeped out of bed and picked up was a long 3 hour drive but we made it without me falling asleep behind the wheel. the spot we had planned on fishing was gated off so we drove a little further up. getting out of the jeep sucked cause it was colder then a witch's tit and the wind was picking up nicely. i apparently forgot it was winter as i only brought one thin pair of no-show sissy socks, didn't pack my wader liners and forgot my gloves.....IDIOT! as we approached the river we could see a few risers so i rigged up with a couple of emergers, no dice. jake quickly picked up a small, but chunky 'bow' on a nymphed midge. we made our way down stream a little to a big slow hole and again we saw some risers. jake rigged up a double midge rig with no weight and i grabbed my streamer rod. right away i had a hit and then a couple of casts later i had one almost to the net before my hook came out. couldn't get anymore love with the meat. jake however, nabbed a few real nice fish on his midge rig using a real slow retrieve, including one that went several inches past the 20" mark on my rod. all these fish were lively and healthy. eventually we chose to drive downstream quite aways to try another location, which was short lived as the water was real low, didn't see much for fish, it was getting to damn cold again and another storm was almost on us, so we packed it in early and headed back home.


Scott said...

THAT is a nice bow. Looks like I missed out, stupid work.

Bigerrfish said...

That pic with it laying down, facing the camera looks pretty sweet, zoomed in and found a cute little zebra in the snout..
great Fish!!