Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Stone

Tail-black goose biots

Body-kaufmanns blends, black stone

Rib-black jelly rope

Thorax-6 strands of peacock herl

Shellback-turkey quills

Legs-black floss

Amy's Ant

This is a pattern tied by Jack Dennis. it's used to represent to stones and hoppers. i like this pattern cause it floats real well and looks really tasty on the water.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Ogden

Did not plan on fishing yesterday but seeings softhackes post on matt's ogden brown i had a change of heart. of course i did not have the success that they did but i also didn't fish as long as i planned on. after fishing the section that i did i had planned on moving quite abit further up, more towards causey but decided to pack it in. i had a leak in my left leg and my foot was frozen. also the fishing was mediocre at best, although i did manage to catch some small to average fish.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Uinta Lakes..........

are officially done for the year. friday i went up to the mountains in search of another lake i wanted to fish. i didn't have real high hopes due to the time of the year but i just had to know for sure. it was a 7 mile drive up thedirt road once i got off mirror lake hwy and less then 1/2 way up the road was covered in snow. once i got far enough up i was making my own path which made for easier driving. i thought to myself i should probably turn around and head back, but i kept trekking on just hoping i wouldn't get stuck. on my way up one of the lakes that i fished a couple of months was completely covered with snow and ice so my hopes got even less. i finally got to where, by my map, i thought the lake should be but i didn't see no lake. at this point i contemplated to keep driving but decided not to push my luck anymore andhead back off the mountain and hit the weeb on the way home. the weather was great all day and since it was a warm day i chose to see if i could move some feeshes on streamers. the water was great andthere were some really nice holes, runs and drifts but only managed to move one fish. i moved it early on and that gave me false hopes that i would get into some fish. nope! after fishing a mile or so up river i walked back to the jeep and headed home.

Cloudveil 8x Waders

2 years ago i found a pair of the cloudveil 8x waders on ebay, brand new still in the box, for a mere $150, a fraction of their normal $400 price tag. i couldn't pass them up. now after 2 solid years of use i am finally having to fix a couple of leaks. last week i got the rigth leg fixed and now i have to stop a leak in the left leg. no worries though. i am not gentle by any means with my waders so to me they have done quite well. they are by far the best wader i have owned to date. i would actually compare them to the patagonia watermaster II's that i have but the cloudveils, i feel, fit me a little better. all in all they have been a great wader, especially for what i paid for them.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Steelhead Thang

shank-55mm waddington with trailing hook
tail-purple krystal flash
body(rear 1/2)-purple, black, blue marabou with some blue ostrich herl feelers
body(middle)-purple glimmer body
body(fwd 1/2)- same as rear
head-dumbell eyes wrapped with purple glimmer body

bear's baetis

this is a pattern created by a san juan river guide nicknamed bear, if you've ever seen him you would know why. i've had moderate success with this pattern here in utah.

Jerry's Baetis

It's just a modified pheasant tail nymph tied in size 18. we just call it a jerry's baetis cause he introduced me and pat to this modified version with a red wire rib and a light colored thorax. i have had equal success with a green wire rib.

midge dry


rib-white/cream thread

wing-white goose biot clipped short

hackle-tiny grizzly dry fly hackle


body-black thread

rib-white/cream thread

wing-white z-lon of equivilant

head-brown hares ear dub

Garbage Day

Had a chance to fish for a couple of hours today. since the spawn i still have not been able to muster any good browns. today no browns at all. a couple of whities and a few hatchery brat rainbows. Some garbage fishthat at least put a bend in the rod so it wasn't a total waste.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

mikes midge

for me the best midge pattern i have ever fished. i created this pattern shortly after i got to utah, combining a k.f. flasher, a foam wing emerger and a zebra midge. i tie it in brown, red, grey, black and olive.

hook-18-22 scud hook

body-10/0 thread

rib-small silver wire

under wing-4 strands krystal flash

over wing-white foam clipped short

head-brown krystal hares ear dubbing

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Royal Flush

Another pattern that has fished pretty well here in utah
hook-size 14 scud
tail-orange pheasant tippet
body-3-4 strands of peacock herl
thorax-6 strands of peacock herl
rib-small red wire
collar-partidge hackle
shellback-white z-lon
head-gold bead

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Waddington Shank and a Steelhead Fly

A lot of people are not sure what a waddington shank is. i tie a lot of steelhead patterns with them and some of my trout streamers with them. you can tie some big patterns with them.

Monday, November 16, 2009


In order to preserve our rights, a fund has been started. "Donate for (recreational) Access and Use Utah! Fund" Your support keeps ALL our rained recreational rights preserved!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Modified Hares Ear

This pattern has been one of the most productive nymphs for me in quite sometime.

Tail-hungarian partridge

Body-natural hares ear

Thorax-krystal natural hares ear

Rib-gold wire

Shellback-holographic tinsel over the body and thorax


sex parakeet/deer hair head

i tied this one with a deer hair head and now it doesn't look much like a parakeet so i'll stick to the wool head

Doesn't Make Sense


was 4-5 redds in there last week. almost dried up

A redd almost dried up

Me and jerry went to a section on the weber that fished well and was flowing well last wednsday, only to see that the flows had been dramatically dropped, basically to summer flows. with the amount of water that was there you would have thought that the river was diverted for irrigation. seeings how irrigation is not an issue at this time of year i don't understand why the flows were reduced so much. it certainly has to hurt the brown spawn since a lot of the redds that held fish last week were now either on dry land or almost dry. we had started up higher on the weeb where there was plenty of water, but the fish weren't hitting anything which is why we moved downriver. just doesn't make sense to me. it really kinda pisses me off actually.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Things Are Looking Up

I hit the weeb again today since i was done with work early. last week in in that section there were a lot of browns on redds but today i only saw one fish on a redd. i think the spawn is coming to an end, at least there. the fish have settled back into the runs and riffles. i picked up a mixture of cutts and browns, nothing of any size but did break off a big fish that took me into some over hanging bushes. threw san juan's, eggs, and scuds. the fish only ate the eggs. on a negative note, the water level dropped quite a bit in the last week and some of the redds that were active last week were almost on dry land.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vet's Day With Jerry

I had the day off so i was getting out. chris couldn't make it and jerry was itching to get out since he hadn't fished since september. we fished from stoddard up to where east canyon flows in with minimal success so walked back to the jeep and drove down river a ways. i love fishing on week days cause the pressure is usually low to nil. we worked our way up quite a ways picking up fish on a regular basis. the weather cooperated quite nicely, that coupled with cooperative fish made for a sweet day. we spent the day throwing eggs, scuds and sows. all fished well. hopefully once the fish are done spawning they will chase streamers again.