Saturday, April 28, 2012

Out With the Boy

Since austin already has to do summer school i deemed it o.k. to let him miss friday and come fishing with me instead. there was some water that i wanted to hit before i left for the sandbox so with austin in tow we arrived to already find a couple of cars there, which surprised me since it was a week day. hardly find cars there on a weekend, then again the weather is getting nicer. when we showed up the wind was already cooking and i contemplated not even dealing with it and going to another area i wanted to fish. i stuck it out and austin was doing good. i started with streamers but about 1/2 into it i switched to nymphs since i do better nymphing there anyway. as i was approaching my honey hole i saw that there was somebody else already fishing it. we walked around him and up a bit just to find 3 more people fishing a bend i wanted to hit. at this point the wind was really pissing me off and i chose to just walk up to the last holes and hope there was nobody there as well. the 2 holes were empty but i only mustered 1 fish from each. from there we headed back in the direction of home and stopped by another piece of water hoping the wind would be void there, wrong answer. we were there for maybe 3 hours before austin's constant complaining, whinning and mopping go the best of me. i left him there and i do hope he is o.k. but no telling. haha, just kidding we did leave but that sucked cause the fishing was lights out so i'm hoping to get back down there tommorrow with the wife

Friday, April 27, 2012

A New Stretch

After work i met up with dbone and a couple of others and fished a new piece of water, at least for me. they were already on the water by the time i got up there and i arrived just in time to pull out my camera as dbone had just landed a real nice brown. we fished up till we reached a fence strewn acrossed the river, getting into a few fish. it was a surprise to me when i landed a rainbow and then it was a surprise again when i landed an even bigger one in our last hole.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another Slow Day

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Scott joined up with me and matt this day. we fished a good chuck of water but like last time me and matt fished the river just didn't produce many fish or anything of real size. we all caught a few fish but nothing to write home about.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Not the Most Productive Day

I met up with matt to fish a section that i have access to. i had fished it a 1/2 dozen times or so a few years back when it was legal, but i had only fished up to a certain point. matt had never fished it before and we ended up fishing from town to town, which took us 6 hours of meat chucking. there is tons of sexy water but it seemed that the fishing shut off on us after a certain point. we didn't move near as many fish as i would've expected and although we saw a couple of really nice fish, we only mustered smaller fish. there was a light rain for most of the day and at about the 1/2 way point a killer BWO hatch came off and the smaller fish went ape shit for them.

- some photos by matt guymon (localwaters801)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Church.....Waist Deep in a Cold Stream

So i made it to my church today and was met up with by jake who also need his streamer sermon fix. the weather was pleasant but the fishing was not as good as i had hoped. as the case a lot of times, a lot of sexy water with minimal fish movement. i did manage 2 fish over 20" so i was pleased with that. also got a few around the 16-17" range. jake got a couple in the smaller range. we had a thunder/lightning/hail storm last night and at one point we came acrossed what looked like a certain lightning strike right along the bank of the river, with an area about 20ft x 20ft burnt up and one of the big trees blackened quite a ways up. the area was still extremely hot and smoldering. i hadn't fished with jake in a bit so it was good to fish to get out with him again.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting in Some Final Work

I just got offered a job in saudi arabia for a year and took it. the job i've got now, the contract runs out in june and my bosses are not sure if we will even have jobs come june and i got a call for this gig so i had to jump on it to be able to provide for my family. the money is triple what i'm making now so financially we will be good to go when i get back. anyway i need to try and get out as much as i can now before i go without taking away from to much family time. went out yesterday and pulled a few smaller fish. hooked into a couple of good ones including one that as soon as i set the hook, his beastly head came out of the water and he gave me a couple of fuck you's then hook came out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Day Off

Last week i scheduled yesterday and today off, yesterday due to our drive back from idaho and today so i could get in some water time. today i kept austin out of school so that he could come out with me. it's alway nice to get the family out when i can. it was a pleasant day, the weather was perfect, warm and no wind and austin was eager for it as well. the fishing wasn't to bad either. of course i only landed a few of the large number of fish i moved but that's seems to be the way it always go's for me. i did catch one really solid cutthroat which is always a pleasant surprise.