Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Day Off

Last week i scheduled yesterday and today off, yesterday due to our drive back from idaho and today so i could get in some water time. today i kept austin out of school so that he could come out with me. it's alway nice to get the family out when i can. it was a pleasant day, the weather was perfect, warm and no wind and austin was eager for it as well. the fishing wasn't to bad either. of course i only landed a few of the large number of fish i moved but that's seems to be the way it always go's for me. i did catch one really solid cutthroat which is always a pleasant surprise.


Unknown said...

Cool pics of the salmon flies. I didn't realize those could be out this early. I grew up in SE Idaho-- assume the photos were taken in Utah?

mike doughty said...

yes utah but they were not salmon, either goldens or skwalas