Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Last Fling

le tigre

corey battling the elements

wind and snow=colder then a witch's tit


wish they were mine

corey working the ponds

Corey, after about 3 months, was finally able to get out to fling a fly or 2. again, with most rivers still un-fishable we took to the stillwater. spring held up it's end of the weather deal and kicked our ass with a ferocious wind, a little sun and a bit of snow. corey threw streamers and i opted for chironomids, scuds, hares ears and a soft hackle. i landed 1 tiger on a chironomid and lost another. corey had some follows with the bigger stuff. later in the day corey managed a small 'bow' while i lost a really big fish. we tried our luck in some of the beaver stuff where corey took a nice little brown and i discovered that there are brook trout in there. i didn't realize that. the drive was long, the weather was brutal and the fishing was less the stellar, but at least i got to fish with corey 1 last time before i head north. i started getting sick the night before and took some medications while fishing and i don't know exactly what the deal was but while driving i could'nt hardly stay awake anymore so corey had to drive the rest of the way. thanks corey for doing that, i probably would've have hurt us both.

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Farewell to Utah

As my tenure in utah comes to a close, at least for 4 months, i can't help but think of all the waters i am going to miss. it saddens me really. there are certain bodies of water that i fish on a constant basis or that i fish once or twice a year at specific times that i won't be able to this year with my move happening this week. spring this year has really put a damper on all the fishing i would've liked to have done cause of all the snowpack that we have. most of the rivers are high and muddy with a few finally starting to subside. i am supposed to be fishing with corey one last time tommorrow but we will see if he can make it. even though the job is just a 4 month gig, when i had my phone interview with the managers there, they made it sound like it could become a long term permanent thing. even though permanent is definately what i am looking for, until they offer me permanent i will continue looking for something permanent here in utah. there are certain spots that i was looking forward to fishing the green drake, cicada and salmon fly hatches. most of all i am going to miss chucking streamers on my favorite sections of the weeb. most of the people i fish with here are amazing anglers and friends which i will surely miss, but of course if i end up coming back then all this babbling and crying was for not. i just have a feeling that i will not be coming back.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some Stillwater.....

Was my main plan today. i woke up austin at 5:30am to get on the road. as i figured he would do, he slept the whole way there. we arrived at 9ish to a brutal cold wind. the ponds were white capped and i had a helluva time getting my fly more then 10ft or so. i figured i would give the nearby creek a try and hope the winds would die down cause i really wanted to hit this particular pond. i decided i would give the good looking water that the beavers had created a try. armed with a small purple egg sucking leech it didn't take long to start hitting fish. at first glance of these fish that i was missing/losing, i thought they were nice brook trout. i finally landed a couple and, at least the ones i did land, were browns in the 14" range. the beavers have really been busy over there and have made some real nice water. we left around 1:30 cause the wind had not let up and i was just to damn frustrated with it. i checked out some other waters on the way home to see how they were looking. everything right now is high so i think some other stillwaters our in order.

World Record Bull

Talk about intense. i think i'd piss myself.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Myself, pat and scott headed for the land of fish bright and early this morning. i had checked the flows the other day and they were under 100cfs which would've worked out just fine. i tried to check the flows again this morning but the page wouldn't load for me. after the long jaunt we got there and the flows seemed more like about 600cfs. it was still fishable, although iffy, but i think with the jump in flows that recently the fish were not quite settled into what the hell was going on. i think it threw he fishing off, way off. at 11:30 with not a single fish seen or noticed, we packed up and headed back to our morning's meeting spot with the plan of doing some angling in that area. as we pulled in pat and scott decided to call it a short day, probably cause it was raining or cause the river there was high as well. i couldn't give up quite yet so i drove upstream a bit. the river had come down a tad but had colored up a tad as well. i drove up further above the res. to see how it looked coming in. much better, but private property got in the way. from the bridge looking up i had about a 50 yard window until i reached the no trespassing sign. there was one nice hole that i could fish and i managed to pull a good sized brookie out of there. of all trout, a brookie. woulda thunk it? that was the last thing i expected in that brown invested water. i was pleased with the fish and at least i didn't get skunked on the cold and rainy day.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Jonesn' For a Fix

It feels as thought it's been months since i got out, but it hasn't. i have been jonesn' to throw streamers for quit awhile but run-off came way early. run-off is still running ramped through utah so the fishing has really taken a back seat. the water was still real high today and off color but i had to give it a shot. not much chance of crossing anywhere so i didn't get to fish a lot of that i would've liked and what spots were fishable were few and far between. i did manage to net 3, including one that got the shit kicked out of it by something, and i moved a few more fish that just wouldn't commit. in a tree over hanging the river someone had lost their flies and apparently while the fly was dangling there an un-suspecting bird thought it look like a tasty treat and could not let go of the hook. first time i've seen a bird hanging by a fly. it felt really good to be walking around in my waders and boots again slinging meat.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just Some Bugs

I took austin out today since he is on spring break. the fishing was garbage, not a fish in sight. we did climb up a good sized snow bank and did some runs down on our butts. we also almost got stuck in the snow there. with no fish to be had i turned over some rocks to see what i could see.