Wednesday, April 27, 2011

One Last Fling

le tigre

corey battling the elements

wind and snow=colder then a witch's tit


wish they were mine

corey working the ponds

Corey, after about 3 months, was finally able to get out to fling a fly or 2. again, with most rivers still un-fishable we took to the stillwater. spring held up it's end of the weather deal and kicked our ass with a ferocious wind, a little sun and a bit of snow. corey threw streamers and i opted for chironomids, scuds, hares ears and a soft hackle. i landed 1 tiger on a chironomid and lost another. corey had some follows with the bigger stuff. later in the day corey managed a small 'bow' while i lost a really big fish. we tried our luck in some of the beaver stuff where corey took a nice little brown and i discovered that there are brook trout in there. i didn't realize that. the drive was long, the weather was brutal and the fishing was less the stellar, but at least i got to fish with corey 1 last time before i head north. i started getting sick the night before and took some medications while fishing and i don't know exactly what the deal was but while driving i could'nt hardly stay awake anymore so corey had to drive the rest of the way. thanks corey for doing that, i probably would've have hurt us both.


Dustin's Fly Box said...

at least you got to go out! thats the important thing

Jim Browning said...

Mike .. Glad to see you get out before your moved up the road. Wishing you the very best on your new adventure, looking forward to seeing your updates on the rivers of Montana! Keep In touch ~ Jim

mike doughty said...

thanks jim and yes dustin, that is the important thing

Scott said...

Had to do one last tiger fling eh? It's a good one.