Friday, April 15, 2011

Jonesn' For a Fix

It feels as thought it's been months since i got out, but it hasn't. i have been jonesn' to throw streamers for quit awhile but run-off came way early. run-off is still running ramped through utah so the fishing has really taken a back seat. the water was still real high today and off color but i had to give it a shot. not much chance of crossing anywhere so i didn't get to fish a lot of that i would've liked and what spots were fishable were few and far between. i did manage to net 3, including one that got the shit kicked out of it by something, and i moved a few more fish that just wouldn't commit. in a tree over hanging the river someone had lost their flies and apparently while the fly was dangling there an un-suspecting bird thought it look like a tasty treat and could not let go of the hook. first time i've seen a bird hanging by a fly. it felt really good to be walking around in my waders and boots again slinging meat.


AZWanderings said...

Couple of amazing pictures. Between the bird on the line and the fish missing half a tail, it looks like quite an interesting day. Nice work.


Pat said...

Damn those bigger fish are hungry. I need bigger patterns. haha

mike doughty said...

ben- thanks

pat-the fish weren't big, the biggest bout 17"

Sanders said...

Looked like a good day despite run-off. Glad you were able to getout!