Sunday, October 17, 2010

Head East

Met up with scott and pat at 5am. had a longer then normal drive to some new water that scott had gotten some intel on. amongst other things, we (i) forgot to bring my road atlas so we got a little off track, about an 1hr and a 1/2 off track. after stopping at a ranch to ask directions we finally made it to our trail head. well we didn't quite make it to the trailhead with the truck so we parked and walked the mile to it. once at the trailhead we only had about a mile and half of a hike but some of the hike was reportedly over a boulder field. holy crap! this boulder field in some spots, seemed as far as we could see and in some spots it was either boulder hopping or bush wacking. we chose boulder hopping and by the end of the day it had taken it's toll on our bodies. once up to the plateau we came to the 1st of 5 in a series of lakes by the same name, 1 of which supposably gets winter killed so no fish are supposed to be in it. with that in mind, there was only 4 lakes to hit. due to our late start we only managed to hit 3 of the 4, had to pass the 4th one up so as to hopefully get back to the truck by dark, nope. by the time we got to the truck it was complete dark except for the little bit of moonlight that was partially cloud covered. the hike was grueling but the fishing was off the hook for lots of willing brooks. roughly 8-9 miles and approx. 30 fish a piece made for a long and enjoyeable day.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to the Basin

Headed back to the basin to see if i could get into a big brook and scope out a new lake in the area that i hadn't seen before. i went 0 for 0. no big brookies and i couldn't find the other lake, didn't put forth to much effort though. made the usual loop around the 3 lakes that i usually fish in that area and did pretty well. caugth brooks in all 3 lakes most of which were pan sized (10-11 inches) but got a couple pushing 14". came acrossed a tackle box with shit still in it and a broken rod sitting along shore. i guess it was just to much for someone to pack out. also got jizzed on by one of the brooks and got flipped off by a guy that looked like he was in his 70's, i guess for passing him on my way up to the lake. being the mature person that i am i returned fire.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Scandanavian Altitude

The first time i headed up there i was in search of a certain lake, but with my crappy map in tow i could not find the lake. come to find out that that map is way off. after searching via google maps i was able to figure out where i went wrong last time. ventured out this morning hoping for warmer weather but certainly didn't get it. there was just a trace of snow on the ground when i got there, tons of grizzlies, kodiacs, trucks and hunters. got to the end where i counted 4 tens, 7 quads and 8 trucks. holy shit! but being hunting season i didn't figure anybody would be on my lake and as it turned out there wasn't. it was a gruleing climb up and when i got to the res the wind was cooking. it remained cold and windy for most of the day, but at around 1ish the clouds started to break and the sun started to show it's face, so it did warm up a little bit. as luck would have it the fishing was off the hook. i figure 20+ fish, all brooks except 1 good cutt. the cutt was around 14" and the brooks were in the 10-11" range. even though the brooks weren't big they were fiesty and some of the most beautifully colored fish i have ever caught. it took me almost 5 hours to fish my way around the lake and the it was time to head out. except for the wind it was a very peaceful day. surprised to not hear a single gun shot with all those hunters.