Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to the Basin

Headed back to the basin to see if i could get into a big brook and scope out a new lake in the area that i hadn't seen before. i went 0 for 0. no big brookies and i couldn't find the other lake, didn't put forth to much effort though. made the usual loop around the 3 lakes that i usually fish in that area and did pretty well. caugth brooks in all 3 lakes most of which were pan sized (10-11 inches) but got a couple pushing 14". came acrossed a tackle box with shit still in it and a broken rod sitting along shore. i guess it was just to much for someone to pack out. also got jizzed on by one of the brooks and got flipped off by a guy that looked like he was in his 70's, i guess for passing him on my way up to the lake. being the mature person that i am i returned fire.

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dmnaz1 said...

Great photos of some very photogenic fish.