Thursday, December 30, 2010

Furry Fucker

Here is a nice little nymph that a friend introduced me to, although it has fished better for him then me. nice and simple. as best as i can figure is that it imitates a skinny crane fly larva.

Underbody-.015 lead wire

Body-fox squirrel dubbing

Rib-red wire

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ice Age

Met up with jerry at 8. we drove to get spiritual but that proved to be a waste. a long stretch with some great water proved to be more then we could handle as we got shut out. we headed west and decided to try an area i looked at yesterday but couldn't get in. as luck would have it, it got plowed this morning up to a certain point. when we arrived we ran into an elderly couple that live up there and b.s.'d with them for awhile. it was quite a bit colder there and after bout an hour and a half we called it. only 2 small fish to hand. it got to be to much of a pain in the ass having to de-ice our lines, leaders, indicators and i even had to put my flies in my mouth to melt all the ice off of them. it really made casting a bitch.there was lots of snow and ice on the river. the river bottom in some spots also had a lot of ice and sludge so we really had to watch our steps.

Monday, December 27, 2010

I Hate Winter

So i was on the road at 5:30 crack of dawn. i had a couple of ideas in mind that i wanted to check out. on the way i noticed a considerable larger amount of road kill, including elk and moose. once i turned off the hwy to plan 'A' i started seeing lots of elk, in fact i can guarentee i saw well over 100 head of elk, including a fair share of bulls. a lot of spikes and smaller bulls but through my binoc's i did see one 5x5 and that was the biggest that i noticed. i got to the river to find it about 75% froze over. drove to check out plan 'B', the dirt road had so much snow i couldn't get but maybe a couple hundred yards in, that wasn't cutting it. i changed cours and headed over to another piece of flowing water and although the river was open the ground took a beating from the snow. normally that is not an issue but i hate dredging through deep ass snow. the temp's were in the teens but i had sweat dripping down my face. i finally got to the river just to be surrounded by shotgun fire, it's still duck season. it made me a little nervous but i managed. i only managed 2 whole fish. on my way there i stopped for some lunch and really needed to copa squat but against my better judgement i chose to blow off the feeling. the whole time on the river my guts were churning and had to keep stopping to cross my legs to prevent any sort of catostraphy. i couldn't take it anymore and had to relieve myself. i made sure i was well out of sight, even though there was no one around. without any t.p. i had to wipe my ass with snowballs. what a treat that was, but it sufficed. the day was pretty much a waste other then scouting some other waters to find out i can't fish them. hopefully tommorrow is an improvement.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Steelhead Nymph Box

I have sold quite a few boxes of flies but this is one that did not sell. i think i'll take it steelheading with me this year.

Shit Sunday

a jumbled mess

and the snow starts

looks like wore out ass

sludge removal

Me and jake headed to the weeb with hopes that the streamer fishing would be on with the decent weather. jake landed a smaller rainbow right off the bat which gave us both hope that the fishing would be pretty good. well the fishing sucked! no other fish touched after that 'bow'. after about an hour the snow started to dump on us and the fishing continued to suck. oh well, there's always tommorrow.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Marabou Spey

Here is a marabou spey i tied up. the picture actually makes it look fuller then it is. i think it looks better in person.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

School Break

Jerry is done with finals and has some time off and wanted to fish. we got off to a very late start and didn't get to the river till noonish. the weather wasn't to bad and a true rareity in that we didn't have any wind the whole day. extremely uncommon for those parts. it was a day of nymphing but since the weather wasn't to bad, i threw a couple different stereamers to no avail. we got off the river at 5pm and we each landed a few fish. it was good to fish with jerry again, it had been months since we got out together.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Swinging box

Last night i put together a box for swinging in preperation for my annual winter/spring trip. unfortunately i keep putting these boxes together and never use them cause nymphing seems to work so much better. i'm bound and determined to try them this year.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Korkers Customer Service

I have a pair of the korkers predator boots and after almost a full season i sent them in for some stitching repair since they were covered under warranty. they were very acommodating (sp?). i got my boots back in about 2 weeks, not quite sure how that compares to other companies but i was good with it, especially since i have a pair of simms as well, no ruch for me. the only complaint i have is even though i forgot to mention something else that needed some attention, you would think that since they already had the boots that they would've given them a once over and fixed what else needed fixn'. not the case. not that big of a deal i guess but in my work if we are workingin an area that requires something fixed, we inspect the rest of that area and fix what else we find bad, just saying. over all i'm happy though.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Very Short Day

Got a couple of days off so i fished some closer waters for a couple of hours. the weather was crisp and the water fairly low. once again the pig sticker seemed to be the ticket. the fish were average for that water, 14-15" range but did manage to catch one of my better fish out of there, 17".

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Very Good Friend......

Happened to be in town for a few days and we were fortunate enough to be able to get out for a day. it's the first time we had fished together since our new mexico days, ending in 2003. we used to fish the san juan river all the time but the military split us up. john came out and join us for what proved to be a shitty fishing day. i wish i had taken us to plan 'A' but chose plan 'B' instead sinc eit was a bit closer. didn't pan out to well but we had a good time anyway. sam did get his first trout on a streamer

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Perfect Weather

It was foggy as hell when i left the house to pick up chris but when we got to the river it was gorgeous out. the sun was out and the weather was extremely warm for a december afternoon. due to weather we started by throwing streamers. i moved just one fish and the streamers were short lived. we switched to nymphs for a minute but when that do produce much and the temps started to heat up it was back to streamers. i fished up a side small side channel and watched a fish come out from underneath the undercut bank and nail my egg sucking leech. we ended up catching a few fish but nothing note worthy. i couldn't ask for any better weather then we got.