Thursday, December 16, 2010

Korkers Customer Service

I have a pair of the korkers predator boots and after almost a full season i sent them in for some stitching repair since they were covered under warranty. they were very acommodating (sp?). i got my boots back in about 2 weeks, not quite sure how that compares to other companies but i was good with it, especially since i have a pair of simms as well, no ruch for me. the only complaint i have is even though i forgot to mention something else that needed some attention, you would think that since they already had the boots that they would've given them a once over and fixed what else needed fixn'. not the case. not that big of a deal i guess but in my work if we are workingin an area that requires something fixed, we inspect the rest of that area and fix what else we find bad, just saying. over all i'm happy though.

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fern said...

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