Monday, December 27, 2010

I Hate Winter

So i was on the road at 5:30 crack of dawn. i had a couple of ideas in mind that i wanted to check out. on the way i noticed a considerable larger amount of road kill, including elk and moose. once i turned off the hwy to plan 'A' i started seeing lots of elk, in fact i can guarentee i saw well over 100 head of elk, including a fair share of bulls. a lot of spikes and smaller bulls but through my binoc's i did see one 5x5 and that was the biggest that i noticed. i got to the river to find it about 75% froze over. drove to check out plan 'B', the dirt road had so much snow i couldn't get but maybe a couple hundred yards in, that wasn't cutting it. i changed cours and headed over to another piece of flowing water and although the river was open the ground took a beating from the snow. normally that is not an issue but i hate dredging through deep ass snow. the temp's were in the teens but i had sweat dripping down my face. i finally got to the river just to be surrounded by shotgun fire, it's still duck season. it made me a little nervous but i managed. i only managed 2 whole fish. on my way there i stopped for some lunch and really needed to copa squat but against my better judgement i chose to blow off the feeling. the whole time on the river my guts were churning and had to keep stopping to cross my legs to prevent any sort of catostraphy. i couldn't take it anymore and had to relieve myself. i made sure i was well out of sight, even though there was no one around. without any t.p. i had to wipe my ass with snowballs. what a treat that was, but it sufficed. the day was pretty much a waste other then scouting some other waters to find out i can't fish them. hopefully tommorrow is an improvement.


Zach said...

I hear that. Winter sucks. In my neck of the woods it has been floods rather than freezing. 2 weeks since the last day on the water. Longest stretch in 4 years.

Bigerrfish said...

Damn man that makes my ass cold!!!
glad you got into some fish all puckerd