Tuesday, September 29, 2009

South of Wyoming

chris working a run

damn snags

chris's brown

a couple eggs from a brown
one of many reds

Hit a certain little river with chris and what can i say besides it sucked again. man i have got some bad juju on me. we covered a lot of water. chris got into a few and i got skunked on streamers and mice. i did move a fair amount of fish on both but the fish just would not commit. the furry fucker was doing the dirty work for chris. there were quite a few reds in the works but no fish on them yet. it's still a little early.

Monday, September 28, 2009

6 Miles........

Two lakes and two chubs. shit is just not going my way lately. me and michelle drove up to the uintas to get some exercise (hiking) and do some lake fishing. we hiked the mile and a half to the first lake. we spent a couple of hours there fishing and taking some pics. i managed to catch two chubs. woo hoo! i was en fuego. michelle worked on her casting. that was more then enough time to spend there so we continued for another mile and a half to try another lake that was along the trail. this lake was a better looking lake for our viewing pleasure. we were caught off guard by a lone guy who showed up at about the same time we did. michelle was a little freaked. he stopped and b.s.'d for a minute while i preceeded to hook into absolutely nothing. by this time it was 6pm and the sun was dropping so we called it a day. although once again the fishing was garbage, the scenery was nice and we did get in some much needed exercise.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Love the colors.......but

Fall is definately my favorite time of the year. the reds, oranges and yellows litter the trees with brilliance. as much as i love the fall colors the fishing is usually shit hot as well. myself, pat and john made our way over the pass with anticipation of big cutts and browns slurping our presentations. first thing that we noticed when we got to the river was that is was quite a bit lower then the last time me and pat were there. no worries, the fish should still be willing. as it has it, they were, all 5-9 inches of them. WTF?! where did the 15-20 inch fish go? it was a dinks only day. well that wasn't worth missing football sunday for so we headed back to thetruck and meandered over to another usually kick ass river. cast after cast after cast and fly after fly and where the hell did all the fish go? hoppers, stones, caddis, grumpy frumpy's, beetles and trudes and only a couple of small risers. back to the truck and drive up river some more. pat went downstream and me and john fished up. it wasn't till we were just about done when i casted to seam behind a boulder and as my yellow basin hopper drifted towards me i coulda swore i saw a dark figure followingit down. a couple more casts andsure as shit here comes the size of fish we had been expecting and looking for. he grabs my hopper and dead bolts down stream into the heavier current and goes right for a snag. i was able to horse him out but as soon as i got him out of the snag and thought that i had one, my knot gave way at the fly. man i hate missing opportunites when they are so few and far between. that was the only good fish action between the 3 of us. so on a sunday that i should've stayed home and followed my fantasy football teams, thefishing sucked, the seahawks lost and the mariners lost. today sucked! even though the fishing didn't pan out it is always good to be out on the river soaking in the colors, scenery and the peace and quiet.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morrish Mouse

After fishing the weeb the other day and having some fish hit my streamer at the surface i had an urge to throw a fat juicy mouse pattern. much to my dismay i took my mice patterns out of my pack. since i plan on going back thursday i figured i would try and tie a morrish mouse. not aprofessional by any means but i think it looks wicked tasty. some browns are going to get lit up come thursday evening. game on!

Monday, September 21, 2009


still not enough water flowing through my usual haunt so checked it out a little closer to civilization. water was flowing good and had a little tint to it, perfect for streamers. fished my way up about a mile picking up a few fish and losing a few as well. on the way down a couple of fish swirled at my fly but did not hook anything else. it made me nervous the couple of times i crossed the river. with the river tinted i couldn't see bottom and being waist deep in the current made me a little nervous. had 1 real nice fish come completely out of the water trying to nab my fly as i pulled it up for another cast. that bummed me out. there was a nice little hatch of some cream colored mayflies about a size 14. seeing them buzzing around, at first i thought they looked just like crane flies except for the forked tail. they were some big mayflies, but didn't see any risers at all. took a couple of browns and a rainbow this evening.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Is Upon Us

We got kind of a late start but finally made it on the road. was going to take michelle and her son austin to the north slope for some brookies but decided to hit some water a little closer. drove up to murdock basin, we got up there just in time for the storm to come in. thunder, lightning and rain made for a short tiem on the lake. we hoped that if we drove elsewhere maybe we could elude the weather. drove lower in elevation and up another rocky dirt road. to a lake that i had yet to fish. shortly after we got there the storm caught up. more of the same, thunder, lightning, rain, a little hail and now some cold hands and no fish from either lake we chose to call it quits for the day. this time last year i was doing really well on some of the uinta lakes and hopefully next time will do so again. it was really nice to see some fall colors in the mountains. fall is probably my favorite time of year because of all the beautiful colors around.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time to Move On

I think i've wore out my welcome on the ogden. fished a same section today while fishing up it further then before. threw a lot of the same flies as i have been but thefish just didn't want to cooperate. i guess it's time to move on and give the ogden a break.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Day Off on The Ogden

Had the day off so headed out to the ogden. i had to keep it close and the ogden is running good so it was an obvious choice for me. was able to fish my way up to some new water. hoppers, beetles, deer hair caddis and a grumpy frumpy were the ticket. through some of the deeper holes i did threw on a bead head dropper to no avail., which was fine, i don't like droppers during summer time anyways. it was good to be able to fish my favorite #4 that i just finished rebuilding the tip section for. it had been out of commission since i rolled it up in the window a few months ago.