Monday, September 28, 2009

6 Miles........

Two lakes and two chubs. shit is just not going my way lately. me and michelle drove up to the uintas to get some exercise (hiking) and do some lake fishing. we hiked the mile and a half to the first lake. we spent a couple of hours there fishing and taking some pics. i managed to catch two chubs. woo hoo! i was en fuego. michelle worked on her casting. that was more then enough time to spend there so we continued for another mile and a half to try another lake that was along the trail. this lake was a better looking lake for our viewing pleasure. we were caught off guard by a lone guy who showed up at about the same time we did. michelle was a little freaked. he stopped and b.s.'d for a minute while i preceeded to hook into absolutely nothing. by this time it was 6pm and the sun was dropping so we called it a day. although once again the fishing was garbage, the scenery was nice and we did get in some much needed exercise.

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Nice photos, Mike.

I guess you got a bit lost in the lost lake... : p