Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fall Is Upon Us

We got kind of a late start but finally made it on the road. was going to take michelle and her son austin to the north slope for some brookies but decided to hit some water a little closer. drove up to murdock basin, we got up there just in time for the storm to come in. thunder, lightning and rain made for a short tiem on the lake. we hoped that if we drove elsewhere maybe we could elude the weather. drove lower in elevation and up another rocky dirt road. to a lake that i had yet to fish. shortly after we got there the storm caught up. more of the same, thunder, lightning, rain, a little hail and now some cold hands and no fish from either lake we chose to call it quits for the day. this time last year i was doing really well on some of the uinta lakes and hopefully next time will do so again. it was really nice to see some fall colors in the mountains. fall is probably my favorite time of year because of all the beautiful colors around.


Chasin Trout said...

Just found your blog. Its frekin awesome. Nice photography.

mike doughty said...

thanks chasin trout, glad you like it.