Saturday, November 19, 2011

Did I Really Just Fish the Provo?

By the masses (8) of people i thought maybe we made a wrong turn somewhere. Our morning started off with a little excitement. the roads were a bit slick and as we were making our way up the hill a truck coming at us lost control and started to fish tail, seemed like he missed us by no more then 10ft. he couldn't get control of his slid and went off the road and flipped over. we quickly made a U-turn to give them some aid. we ran to the truck and heard a lot of panicked commotion and we really thought somebody had to be messed up. it was a husband, wife and three little ones, looked no older then 8-9 yrs. the mom had the seat belt wrapped around her neck somehow and as i tried to get the door open scott struggled to get the mom free of the seat belt. we accomplished both but there was no way they could get out from the door so with the windshield already destroyed and partially dislodged we just ripped the rest of it off. they all five were able to walk out of the wind shield and surprisingly everyone was in really good shape. the mom had a couple of cutts on one of her hands and that was it. mom was a bit shaken but everyone else were in good spirits. we waited around till the cops showed up so that the family could stay warm in our vehicle and once the cops showed up we were on our marry way. i was hoping that since scott and i did our good deed for the day that the lord would bless us with some phenomenal fishing. well sometimes it doesn't work that way so our fishing was less then stellar but we managed to get into a few decent fish. the wind kicked our ass all day but other then that the weather was cope-able. anyway, as to my provo reference, this particular piece of water does not see much pressure and i rarely ever run into any other anglers while fishing there but today, for some reason, i counted eight other anglers and it really dampened my mood. where the hell did they all come from? it was rediculous!

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Little Somethin Somethin

My buddy made this little vid from our last outing.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Lows of Fishing......

If you can call it that. this is pathetic and another reason why i hate people.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Northern Exposure

Myself, pat, scott and jake ventured to the northland for a little non-spawning rainbow action. the drive took exceptionally long due to shitty weather and roads but pat finally got us to our destination. the weather was freezing and the wind was cooking, luckily the snow wasn't to deep, which made for easy walking. when we got to the area we were going to fish i jumped in first and on my 3rd cast i was streamer deep into a fat hen. pat stepped in next and second after a few shots no one else was quite ready saw pat threw his streamer out again and quickly latched into another fish. 6 total casts and three fish and then nothing for quite awhile. it seemed like we wore out our welcome real quick but we stuck it out and all of us ended up getting more fish, including a slab of a 26 incher. both fish that i caught were the biggest i have ever caught out of that lake. today wasn't a big numbers day but it was a killer day none the less.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Vet's Day

Being a vet and since it's vet's day i chose to do a little nymphing. i fished a different section then yesterday but the story was almost the same. lots of redds, only in todays section more redds were occupied. but like yesterday most of my fish came from deeper pools and runs. most of the fish were smaller but there were a couple of bigger ones to be had as well.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Few Fish

I had planned on chasing tiger musky today but couldn't find my pump to blow up pontoon boat so i hit a local river instead. the weather was nice and the water was low and clear. i nymphed throwing a variety of combonations and a pig sticker and an olive flashback scud were the only flies that worked. the browns were small but the scud did catch a real nice cutty. my intent was to fish up to where a 2nd fence used to cross the river but as i was working my way up the water started to muddy up for some reason and never cleared up so i called it a day from there.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

6" perch pattern

This is my 3rd attempt at tying a perch pattern. the 1st was shitty as all get out and the 2nd was tolerable, in fact tolerable enough to get my 1st tiger musky a few weeks ago. this one, i think came out a lot better.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Yeti

A couple of color schemes tied on a 45mm waddington shank

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Poly Bear Minnow

Tied with Poly Bear Synthetic type stuff, not even sure what it would be classified as.

Spawn Season

Well the time has come again for the fishing to slow down, at least for me. the brown spawn is upon us and i hate it. most of the time nymphing eggs to spawning fish is very productive but it just doesn't have the luster like throwing streamers or dries for healthy fish. every once in awhile i will resort to throwing eggs and other various sub surface flies to assed out fish, but i really don't like it. today was one of those days. i hooked into 2 fish in some deeper water and 2 fish in some shallow stuff. landed a dink of about 10" and 1 beat up, twisted mouth, nasty ass brown that was a much bigger fish. he looked so beat up it almost depressed me. the weather was cold and it snowed most of the day. i didn't get out of bed till about 10am so my options were limited.