Saturday, November 5, 2011

Spawn Season

Well the time has come again for the fishing to slow down, at least for me. the brown spawn is upon us and i hate it. most of the time nymphing eggs to spawning fish is very productive but it just doesn't have the luster like throwing streamers or dries for healthy fish. every once in awhile i will resort to throwing eggs and other various sub surface flies to assed out fish, but i really don't like it. today was one of those days. i hooked into 2 fish in some deeper water and 2 fish in some shallow stuff. landed a dink of about 10" and 1 beat up, twisted mouth, nasty ass brown that was a much bigger fish. he looked so beat up it almost depressed me. the weather was cold and it snowed most of the day. i didn't get out of bed till about 10am so my options were limited.


e.m.b. said...

Ah, this post very much reminds me of a recent experience I had...(friend caught a spawning brown right off her redd, with 5 other fishermen's flys stuck helter skelter in her). And, of many other blog discussions on the ethics of fishing to spwaners. Some good discussions going on out there, for sure.

mike doughty said...

yeah people have their own opinions on the ethics of fishing to spawners. i really don't think it does them much harm, it's just not my preferred time to fish for them. they just don't look appealing when they are assed out. each to his own i guess.