Friday, October 28, 2011

A Day Well Spent

I think this was probably my last uinta trip for the year. me and scott got to the end of the dirt road at about 8 this morning and it was nipply to say the least. freezing temp's, ice on the lakes and iced up guides are not what i had in mind before the day started. we fished the 3 lakes that are in the immediate area unfortunately having to skip some good water due to ice. we did manage to catch fish in all 3, none of any size but some really colorful fish. the weather cooperated and for late october at higher elevations it was quite nice.


dmnaz1 said...

Never get tired of looking at brook trout in their spawn colors. Thanks.

Scott D said...

Good trip. Summer can't come fast enough. I did not get up there enough this year.

The River Dragon said...

Great pictures! Those are some beautiful brookies