Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Short and Wet Morning

The water looked real nice this morning so i geared up with hopes of a many fish day. the water was a bit higher then it looked from the bridge and the rocks were certainly slipperier then i remember them being. with those to conditions i skipped more water then i should've and i just popped in the river every so often. was on the river 2 hours when i lost my balance on the rocks, mid river, but was able to catch myself with my hand. unfortunately my arm went shoulder deep and my waders took in some water. my SLR was tucked in my waders and it also took on some water, as did my phone. now they are both air drying and i hope they continue to work. the fishing wasn't great but i did manage to land 2 nice fish. oh yea and the hoppers are out

Friday, June 25, 2010

On Top

I got off work at 6am and me and jerry were on the water around 8ish. Got reports that the green drakes were making their presence known. when we got to the water all we saw were a butt load of caddis buzzing around. eventually we started seeing a few risers and eventually we saw some green drakes dive bombing the water unloading their green egg sacks. jerry was picking up a few on dries and droppers, while for most of the day i stuck to my guns and just threw dries, either a caddis or a green drake. i did add a beadhead dropper later in the day for a short minute and picked up 1 fish. all the fish were fiesty and most were on the smaller side. it was good to be picking fish up regularly on top again. now bring on the cicadas

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Between 12hr Shifts

Been working from 6pm till 6am all week so sleep is at a premium. acouple of guys at work are new to the fly fishing game and had never thrown streamers, one of which didn't know what a streamer was. we hit the river at 7am for about 3hrs. so they could have a taste of what streamer fishing is all about. my only concern was the water levels whaich are still up a little so i new the wading would be tough. seeings that they are new i had visions of someone getting wet.sadly, i was the only one that got wet. WHO BROUGHT THE COOL GUY?! anyway, we all had some sort of action, ryan caught his biggest and 1st fish on a streamer, bob, unfortunately had a few strikes but couldn't hook up and i ended up with a couple and a few lost. it was pretty cool that my 2nd fish went flying through the air and 1 of it's areial moves was about 5 feet from bob. it seemed like they had areally good time but we were all pretty tired after another 12hr shift

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cleaning up the Mess

Eventually i got tired of having flies strung out all over the inside of my jeep so i was thinking on what i could do to clean it up. was in anglers den and saw one of these big fly patches and figured that would clean things up. much better in my oinion.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers Day and High Water

Went out in search of hungry browns and fishable waters. problem is is that the river is still a bit high. had some color to it but that was fine but the water level was a bit much. i couldn't find any places to cross so had to stay on one side and the wading was tough so most of my fishing was from shore, which made casting extremely tough, even roll casting. the current was a bit much for presenting a tasting streamer. i did introduce myself to 6 fish but only landing 1. guess i'll have to keep a close eye on the river flows

Friday, June 18, 2010

Dan Bailey.....

Bought austin a new pair of dan bailey waders on april 10th. the first day out the plastic snap on the shoulder strap busted. new waders have been on order since that day and still don't have the replacement waders. need less to say i am less then impressed with the bullshit of having to wait 2 months, so far, for a pair of waders. remind me not to buy dan bailey anymore.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pike on a Fly

This is gonna be one of my next pursuits

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chasin Bass

What a blast! i have never really pursued bass before, but have caught a couple when i lived in korea. myself, pat and scott headed to the eastern side of the state to a known bass and bluegill lake. it stormed until we almost got to the lake then it cleared up. there was virtually no wind, the sun was out and the temps. got quite warm as well. not sure how that kind of weather affects the bass fishing but it sure was pleasant for us. it was actually pleasant till bout the last hour then the rains came and we got dumped on. the catching was constant all day with anything green/yellow or a black/red combo. my first attempt at a frog was a big hit with the bass. bass is all i caught while pat and scott each caught a few bluegill. the fish were smallish but very scrappy, lots of fun. all in all it was a long trip but a very fun day and am already planning my next outing for bass.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Somewhere in Asia

herb like fruit......

man it got cold
another blown out river
lake full of small fish
not a big fish
lots of blow down
a long way from asia

I was catching grayling on midge dries. as i made my way to the water the first thing i noticed was how much fuller it was compared to the fall. i'm used to walking acrossed the large dried up cove but now that cove was completely filled up. all the water made for some tough bank fishing since there really was no bank. my original plan was to fish my way around the lake but since i had fish rising all over in the cove i ended up staying there, that and the wind, snow and cold temps. made my time on the lake short. since i couldn't see anything flying around i look close on the water. there were some size 24ish midges milling about so i pulled the smallest midge dries i had. the fishing was not great but i did pull a couple grayling with one of the several patterns i tried. i'm accustomed to throwing buggers up there but i couldn't even muster a strike with them. after a couple of cold hours i continued my journey down the snow covered muddy road. stopped at 2 more lakes. the bigger of the 2 didn't yield any strikes but the smaller one was on fire for real small brookies and rainbows. that got boring quick. i drove about another 10 miles before the snow started getting way to deep for my comfort, especially since i was in thick and riding solo. not a good time to get stuck. ended up backtracking bout 10 miles and caught a different road out of there. of course the rivers in the area were all raging torrents so couldn't fish them this time.