Monday, June 7, 2010

Higher Elevation

The road is open now. we actually planned on fishing streamers today but each section we checked was a raging chocolate torrent. in fact everything flowing out of the mountains was a raging chocolate torrent. lots of snow melt going on right now. we took a dirt road up to a lake just to see if it was free of snow. we almost made the 8 miles up but started running into remaining piles of snow. we were able to get around all of them until we hit the one that wouldn't let us through. we got high centered. luckily the snow was soft and after some digging and strategically placing some rocks and sticks, were able to get unstuck. it didn't look any better so we turned around in defeat. we did confirm that the main road is oen but it will be a bit before we can do some hiking and the lakes thaw out.

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