Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Short and Wet Morning

The water looked real nice this morning so i geared up with hopes of a many fish day. the water was a bit higher then it looked from the bridge and the rocks were certainly slipperier then i remember them being. with those to conditions i skipped more water then i should've and i just popped in the river every so often. was on the river 2 hours when i lost my balance on the rocks, mid river, but was able to catch myself with my hand. unfortunately my arm went shoulder deep and my waders took in some water. my SLR was tucked in my waders and it also took on some water, as did my phone. now they are both air drying and i hope they continue to work. the fishing wasn't great but i did manage to land 2 nice fish. oh yea and the hoppers are out


Brett Colvin said...

Bugger! Sorry to hear about the wader flooding and the SLR dunk. I've submerged a few cameras in my day, one of them made it through just fine. One thing you may want to consider: Most insurance companies offer high-value item insurance for a very small cost (usually $20 per $1000 or so). It eases the mind when using nice gear on the river.

Bigerrfish said...

those are some nice fish.. sorry bout the fall..

Hey, what would it take to get on your blog roll?

Cutthroat Stalker said...

Tough break Mike. I took a drink the other day, and I was planning on taking my dSLR with me, but didn't at the last moment. Hope those lectronics dry out nicely. Looks like a couple of nice brownies though.

-scott c