Saturday, June 12, 2010

Somewhere in Asia

herb like fruit......

man it got cold
another blown out river
lake full of small fish
not a big fish
lots of blow down
a long way from asia

I was catching grayling on midge dries. as i made my way to the water the first thing i noticed was how much fuller it was compared to the fall. i'm used to walking acrossed the large dried up cove but now that cove was completely filled up. all the water made for some tough bank fishing since there really was no bank. my original plan was to fish my way around the lake but since i had fish rising all over in the cove i ended up staying there, that and the wind, snow and cold temps. made my time on the lake short. since i couldn't see anything flying around i look close on the water. there were some size 24ish midges milling about so i pulled the smallest midge dries i had. the fishing was not great but i did pull a couple grayling with one of the several patterns i tried. i'm accustomed to throwing buggers up there but i couldn't even muster a strike with them. after a couple of cold hours i continued my journey down the snow covered muddy road. stopped at 2 more lakes. the bigger of the 2 didn't yield any strikes but the smaller one was on fire for real small brookies and rainbows. that got boring quick. i drove about another 10 miles before the snow started getting way to deep for my comfort, especially since i was in thick and riding solo. not a good time to get stuck. ended up backtracking bout 10 miles and caught a different road out of there. of course the rivers in the area were all raging torrents so couldn't fish them this time.

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