Thursday, June 24, 2010

Between 12hr Shifts

Been working from 6pm till 6am all week so sleep is at a premium. acouple of guys at work are new to the fly fishing game and had never thrown streamers, one of which didn't know what a streamer was. we hit the river at 7am for about 3hrs. so they could have a taste of what streamer fishing is all about. my only concern was the water levels whaich are still up a little so i new the wading would be tough. seeings that they are new i had visions of someone getting wet.sadly, i was the only one that got wet. WHO BROUGHT THE COOL GUY?! anyway, we all had some sort of action, ryan caught his biggest and 1st fish on a streamer, bob, unfortunately had a few strikes but couldn't hook up and i ended up with a couple and a few lost. it was pretty cool that my 2nd fish went flying through the air and 1 of it's areial moves was about 5 feet from bob. it seemed like they had areally good time but we were all pretty tired after another 12hr shift

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