Friday, June 25, 2010

On Top

I got off work at 6am and me and jerry were on the water around 8ish. Got reports that the green drakes were making their presence known. when we got to the water all we saw were a butt load of caddis buzzing around. eventually we started seeing a few risers and eventually we saw some green drakes dive bombing the water unloading their green egg sacks. jerry was picking up a few on dries and droppers, while for most of the day i stuck to my guns and just threw dries, either a caddis or a green drake. i did add a beadhead dropper later in the day for a short minute and picked up 1 fish. all the fish were fiesty and most were on the smaller side. it was good to be picking fish up regularly on top again. now bring on the cicadas


Zach said...

Awesome pictures! The summer hatches are turning on.

Pat said...

Good to see Jer finally getting out and getting some top water stuff.